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Mocha Liqueur

The Mocha Liqueur infusion was part of our exploration to showcase vodka's versatility in the Porthole infuser. This is a simple and rewarding infusion to make. Once the infusion is underway, a pronounced evolution of flavor can be experienced throughout...

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Orange Spiced Vodka

This Orange Spiced Vodka Infusion recipe is the perfect example of how dramatically the flavor of an infusion can change over time. Initially a simple, warming addition to cider, this infusion turns into a full spice experience over the course...

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Gazpacho Porthole Infusion

Chef Philip Tessier created this beautiful Gazpacho Porthole recipe as a contribution to the Bocuse d'Or 30th anniversary winners cookbook. We asked Mr. Tessier to write a little note about the recipe, and he delivered so much more. His piece speaks...

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Cucumber Cooler

As the temperatures started to rise, we decided to create a cool, refreshing summer infusion in the Porthole. This Gin Cooler is best served chilled with soda or tonic water. Experiment with your own take on this simple recipe.

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Habanero Bloody Mary

The Habanero Bloody Mary recipe is simple and fresh, with a kick. If the kick is not your thing, the recipe will work without the Habanero peppers as a classic alternative. Our favorite is made with freshly made tomato juice, but...

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Cranberry by The Aviary

Cranberry was developed as an autumn cocktail by The Aviary to be enjoyed by the Porthole community. Featuring Rare Tea Cellar's Cranberry Autumn Harvest Tea, this recipe incorporates fresh fruit, tea, spices and an herb to provide a perfectly balanced infusion.

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Rose Infused Massage Oil

The Rose Infused Massage Oil recipe created by La Bella Figura for the Porthole leaves skin soft and radiant to the touch. Since ancient times, people have been anointing and massaging their bodies with plant oils to heal ailments, energize the...

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