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Shift Plate Flat 10.5"
Shift Plate Flat 10.5"

Shift Plate Flat 10.5"

$ 44.00

We experience porcelain as a hard, durable, unyielding material. Very much like the rock in the earth's crust and mantle. But even these dense rocks under the effects of various stresses can bend, warp, or actually flow. We witness the effects of these stresses along the edges of tectonic plates in the forms of depressions, uplifts, or ripples.

The idea of some forces being strong enough to deform rock was our inspiration behind this collection. The food is always the focal point of a plate, its driving force. What if it was powerful enough to shift the plate’s center, causing the plate to ripple between its center plate and the rim?

diameter 10.5", height 1.25"  
design by Martin Kastner

This product is part of our Shift Collection

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