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The Aviary Slingshot Kit

The Aviary Slingshot Kit

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The Aviary Slingshot Kit

2022 Limited Edition release!

Blow your guests' minds when you serve them a cocktail IN the rocks - their favorite Negroni, Manhattan, or any other spirit forward dink encased in a sphere of ice. How to actually drink it? With the help of our Aviary Slingshot kit!

This novel show-stopping cocktail accessory fits onto the lip of our handcrafted Rocks glasses; a guest tugs a stainless-steel 'nutcracker' upwards, then releases to shatter the ice sphere in a delightfully fun, satisfying way.

Beware that this process is intended for the ambitious cocktail enthusiast. Out kit comes with everything you need: one Slingshot, two custom-designed Rocks glasses, clear recipe instructions, and even a handful of water balloons to help get you started making the hollow ice spheres in which the cocktail is served. The only thing missing is your favorite drink!

PLEASE NOTE: Please allow one week for shipping.

The Details


What's Included

1 Slingshot, 2 custom glasses, 10 water balloons (for ice spheres), and in-home instructions


wood, silicone, stainless steel, glass