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Arboretum Four Piece Kit

Arboretum Four Piece Kit

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Arboretum Four Piece Kit

Elevate every meal with our Arboretum servingware. These beautiful, thoughtfully-designed pieces were crafted with the small table in mind; Arboretum's pedestals (available in various sizes) lift platters, making room on your table while showcasing your delicious creations.

Stand Sizes:
2½" Stand height: 2½", 3½" dia.
3½" Stand height: 3½", 3½" dia.
4½" Stand height: 4 ½", 3 ½" dia.

Flat Top: ⅝" tall, 4¼" dia.
Small Bowl: ⅝" tall, 4¼" dia., 2 fl oz
Medium Bowl: 1⅜" tale, 5 ½" dia., 8.4 fl oz

Each kit contains one stand and three tops, one each of Flat Top, Small Bowl, and Medium Bowl.

For other configurations, stands and tops can be purchased individually.

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What's Included

Each kit contains 1 stand and 3 tops: 1 Flat Top, 1 Small Bowl, and 1 Medium Bowl.


walnut, maple, hand-made porcelain