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Inspired by axial tilt, a condition where a planet's revolution axis is not perpendicular to its orbital plane, Callisto cups were originally designed and produced for The Aviary as a part of our Galileo hot cocktail collection. Eventually, they also became a part of Alinea’s coffee service.

The Callisto cups were handmade at our studio in a single batch of a few dozen. They were slip cast, bisque fired, sanded, glazed, sharp fired, and buffed into a refined, sensuous finish on their exterior surfaces. Since we first introduced the Callisto cups at the Aviary, we’ve received a steady stream of inquiries regarding their availability. Due to their special setup and high labor intensity, we have not been able to offer them as a stock item.

Considering the frequent inquiries, we may make Callisto available on a limited basis during its next batch production. Contact us to be notified when that time comes.

gray porcelain
volume: 8.5 fl oz (250ml)
cup ⌀4" (⌀100mm), height 2.5" (65mm); saucer ⌀5"(⌀130mm)
hand-made in Chicago
design by Martin Kastner

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