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$ 250.00

A Limited Edition Callisto set includes two cups and two saucers. Pre-orders will be accepted until May 31 and will ship at the end of July 2017.

Inspired by axial tilt, a condition where a planet's revolution axis is not perpendicular to its orbital plane, Callisto cups were originally designed and produced for The Aviary as a part of our Galileo hot cocktail collection. Eventually, they also became a part of Alinea’s coffee service.

The Callisto cups were handmade at our studio in a single batch of a few dozen. They were slip cast, bisque fired, sanded, glazed, sharp fired, and buffed into a refined, sensuous finish on their exterior surfaces. Since we first introduced the Callisto cups at the Aviary, we’ve received a steady stream of inquiries regarding their availability. Due to their special setup and high labor intensity, we have not been able to offer them as a stock item.

Considering the frequent inquiries, we decided to make Callisto cups available on a limited basis during their next batch production. That time is now. This is your rare opportunity to order this set while we’re producing additional cups for The Aviary’s upcoming New York City location. Pre-orders will be accepted until May 31 and will ship July 31, 2017.

gray porcelain
volume: 8.5 fl oz (250ml)
cup ⌀4" (⌀100mm), height 2.5" (65mm); saucer ⌀5"(⌀130mm)
hand-made in Chicago
design by Martin Kastner

This product is part of our Galileo Collection