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Rare Tea Cellar Infusion Sets

Rare Tea Cellar Infusion Sets

$ 35.00

In our continuous efforts to expand our infusion repertoire, we reached out to Rare Tea Cellar. They created not just one but three delicious winter infusion recipes! Being Rare Tea Cellar, they have access to premium ingredients that can be hard to source in small enough quantities. So we asked them to prepare pre-blended single infusion packets of all three. It’s a great opportunity for you to try these infusions without having to go to great lengths sourcing miniscule amounts of hard-to-find components. Just add your booze.

Choose your preferred set of these pre-blended single infusion packets carefully sourced and packed by Rare Tea Cellar from the following recipes:

  • New Millenium Fashioned 
  • Winter Sangria
  • Moneypenny Punch

    For a set including a Porthole along with the 3 Recipe Trio, please click here.

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