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The Aviary Slingshot Kit
The Aviary Slingshot Kit
The Aviary Slingshot Kit

The Aviary Slingshot Kit

$ 125.00

Thank you for the amazing response. The limited number we produced in the first batch sold out in less than a day!

Additional glasses are available for purchase here.

In The Rocks  is one of the Aviary’s most iconic cocktails. The original concept was rather simple: to serve a cocktail inside a hollow ice sphere. The process ended up being quite challenging, and the Aviary book describes this process in great detail. 

On our end, we explored all kinds of various hammers for breaking the ice without losing control over the process, from hand-held mallets to spring loaded strikers clipping onto the sidewall of the glass. But it wasn’t until Thomas Lilly, the studio coordinator at the time, suggested that shooting them with a slingshot would be very satisfying that it started to feel like we were on the right path. The initial free-held version that we tested at the Aviary didn’t entirely eliminate the occasional accidental glass succumbing to the blow, directing us to design a version with a rim-covering alignment ring enabling better control over the direction of the impact. This version has been in service ever since.

The satisfaction of cracking the ice has led to numerous inquiries about the availability of the Slingshot. We’ve hesitated because of the complexity of the hollow ice sphere production process. That is until Allen Hemberger, one of the Aviary book authors, adapted the Aviary’s technologically advanced method for home use and generously shared his experiences with us. With the sphere-making process in place, we’re making a small number of Slingshots for the home user. We produced our own custom glass and are offering the slingshot in a gift set with two glasses.

Beware that this process is intended for the ambitious cocktail enthusiast. Instructions can be found here. It will require some trial and error to refine the sphere-making process based on one’s specific freezer. But we can promise once you’ve dialed in the process, the resulting crack will be ever so gratifying.

Slingshot Kit with Two Glasses: includes one Slingshot, two custom glasses, 10 balloons (for ice spheres), and in-home instructions.

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