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These are instructions for creating an ice shell for The Aviary's iconic 'In the Rocks' cocktail, utilizing our Slingshot.

For cocktail recipes themselves, refer to the Aviary book pages 312-321. 

  • The following instructions are based on the specific conditions and equipment available at our facility. You should expect that there will be a learning curve to the process. The time required to achieve ideal shell thickness (3-4mm / 1/8”-3/16") needs to be tested and adjusted according to your specific freezer settings and vodka bath vessel size - it can vary significantly.
  • This process requires several hours to freeze the vodka bath. We highly recommend that you start the night before you intend to fill the ice shell with your cocktail.
  • Prepare your cocktail well ahead of time and deep-chill in the freezer. Filling the ice shell with a warm cocktail base can cause the shell to crack.

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