• The Arboretum at Press

    Philip Tessier: "We have to exercise some significant restraint not to use them for each and every dish :)"

  • Butter Press for TAK Room NYC

    After many iterations at the Chicago studio, the Butter Press for TAK Room NYC nods to the past while immersing guests in a special tableside moment. Read more about it in the New York Times article.

  • Driverless City

    Scenario Builder Flying vehicles dominated the visions of futuristic transportation decades ago, but a society without human drivers seemed never to be discussed. We designed a scenario-building game with Marshall Brown as a part of IIT Driverless City Project. His post defines how the Scenario Builder broadens imaginations to envision the swiftly approaching future.
  • Jamon Serrano Consommé by Bradley Kilgore

    Kilgore Porthole Consommé

    Our favorite fine dining memories are often built on the unexpected moments. Chef Bradley Kilgore describes his thought process behind an unforgettable dish.

  • Past and Present

    Notion of time as a medium – as an active ingredient – is something we continuously consider in our design practice. Recently, Martin Kastner participated on a time capsule design jury for the John Hancock Center, prompting him to share his perspective on the topic.
  • 2017 in Review

    Crucial Detail 2017 ProjectsThis year, we helped put the United States on the culinary map of the world, contributed to transforming the way we cook at home, and continued our collaboration that has changed the way we all think about the cocktail experience.
  • 2017 Holiday Video

    2017 Holiday Video

    Over the past several weeks, we focused our Porthole recipe development efforts on vodka’s versatility. We emerged with 8 very simple to make, delicious recipes spanning a wide range of qualities from rich, dark Mocha Liqueur to a luscious Mediterranean Mule or smoky, sweet, and spicy Pineapple Guajillo. 

  • Chef's Perspective: The Shift Collection

    Shift at Dialogue

    In a conversation with chef Dave Beran, we discovered he chose our Shift collection for his new restaurant, Dialogue. The Shift collection evolved from an idea of food transforming the plate, causing an asymmetric tectonic interaction. In his post below, he considers the question, “How do we plate a course that shows movement...?

  • The Tools Behind Team USA's Gold Win

    The winning platter tends to get all the glory and attention, but we find the cooking tools behind the scenes equally exciting.

  • The Pitcher Story

    Various Sized Pitchers

    Every design has a story.  In our practice, the story always revolves around function, or more specifically, a problem. We might call it a hook or a pivot. That hook is the reason for the existence of a new design. If there isn’t a problem to solve, there is no reason to design.

  • Chef's Table Season 2: Chef Grant Achatz of Alinea

    Check out season 2 of Chef's Table on Netflix featuring Chef Grant Achatz of Alinea. You'll see many of our service pieces throughout the episode.

  • Interview with Martin Kastner on The Heritage Radio Network's The Food Seen | May 24, 2016

    Host Michael Harlan Turkell spoke with Martin about his background, philosophy, and some of his projects on an episode of The Food Seen. The archiv...