• Lemon Ginger Oxymel


    Oxymel. A mix of vinegar and honey. One doesn’t need to believe it to be the cure-all tonic the ancient Greeks and Romans believed it to be in order to enjoy it. It has a variety of applications, even making its way into the cocktail culture. 
  • Holiday Mojito

    Holiday Mojito

    The Holiday Mojito has been one of our standing favorite recipes. Fresh and balanced with a seasonal spice twist. Enjoy!

  • Mediterranean Mule Infusion

    Mediterranean Mule

    Balanced, rich, and simple to make, this recipe is one of our favorite vodka based Porthole infusions.

  • Garden Party Limonada

    Garden Party Limonada 

    A straightforward summer cocktail for a straightforward person. Enjoy!

  • Infused Syrups

    Infused Syrups

    Simple and easy to make, the possibilities are endless. They can be paired with sparkling water and wine, used in your cocktail and coffee, or poured over pancakes and ice cream.

  • Pineapple Guajillo

     Pineapple Guajillo

    Smoky and sweet with an optional extra kick, Pineapple Guajillo is a simple and delicious Porthole infusion. This long infusion develops its guajillo notes over time. Chile de arbol can be omitted if you prefer the gentler, smoky guajillo heat.

  • Penicillin by Zdeněk Hartman


    Penicillin is a favorite from a user-submitted recipe contest organized by Chefs Talk. Enjoy this simple yet delicious infusion.

  • Nomads' Nectar

    Nomads' Nectar

    Nomads’ Nectar transforms vodka into a rich liqueur, excellent on its own or as a cocktail component. This Porthole infusion is among the simplest and rewarding recipes.

  • Last Century

    Last Century Porthole Infusion

    The Twentieth Century is a classic gin cocktail inspired by the romance of the grand era of railway travel. Our twist on this gin infusion is similarly exclusive and sophisticated.

  • Ginger Rye Mikado

    Ginger Rye Mikado

    The Ginger Rye Mikado is simple to make, beautiful and delicious.
  • The Bridge to Heaven

    The Bridge to Heaven

    A deliciously nuanced cocktail with an interesting backstory is not necessarily what comes to mind when thinking of vinegar. Try his beautiful, versatile Porthole infusion, learn more about its Japanese origins, and watch us give the Porthole a serious shake in the timelapse video.

  • Mocha Liqueur

    Mocha Liqueur

    The Mocha Liqueur infusion was part of our exploration to showcase vodka's versatility in the Porthole infuser. This is a simple and very rewarding infusion to make.