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Lemon Ginger Oxymel

Oxymel. A mix of vinegar and honey. One doesn’t need to believe it to be the cure-all tonic the ancient Greeks and Romans believed it to be in order to enjoy it. It’s conducive to infusions that can range from...

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Infused Syrups

Infused syrups can be a great way to explore ingredients and taste combinations. Simple and easy to make, the possibilities are endless. They can be paired with sparkling water and wine, used in your cocktail and coffee, or poured over...

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Pineapple Guajillo

  Smoky and sweet with an optional extra kick, Pineapple Guajillo is a simple and delicious Porthole infusion. This long infusion develops its guajillo notes over time. Chile de arbol can be omitted if you prefer the gentler, smoky guajillo...

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