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Nomads' Nectar

Nomads’ Nectar transforms vodka into a rich liqueur, excellent on its own or as a cocktail component. This Porthole infusion is among the simplest and rewarding recipes.

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Last Century

The Twentieth Century is a classic gin cocktail inspired by the romance of the grand era of railway travel. Our twist on this gin infusion is similarly exclusive and sophisticated.

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The Bridge to Heaven

A deliciously nuanced cocktail with an interesting backstory is not necessarily what comes to mind when thinking of vinegar. It does come naturally to Michael Harlan Turkell author of Acid Trip — a new book about all things vinegar —...

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Mocha Liqueur

The Mocha Liqueur infusion was part of our exploration to showcase vodka's versatility in the Porthole infuser. This is a simple and rewarding infusion to make. Once the infusion is underway, a pronounced evolution of flavor can be experienced throughout...

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Orange Spiced Vodka

This Orange Spiced Vodka Infusion recipe is the perfect example of how dramatically the flavor of an infusion can change over time. Initially a simple, warming addition to cider, this infusion turns into a full spice experience over the course...

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Gazpacho Porthole Infusion

Chef Philip Tessier created this beautiful Gazpacho Porthole recipe as a contribution to the Bocuse d'Or 30th anniversary winners cookbook. We asked Mr. Tessier to write a little note about the recipe, and he delivered so much more. His piece speaks...

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